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Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. (“LDS”) is a technology and intellectual property company participating in a strategic alliance, comprising Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. (“LDS”) is a technology and intellectual property company participating in a strategic alliance, comprising of a locally and state licensed vertically integrated operation.  With our flagship product Cannastrips™ to Core Isogenics cannabis pollination nursery to CSPA Group’s, state-of-the-art multi-functional cannabis manufacturing facility in Southern California, LDS has become one of the most diverse, innovative, and scientifically based companies in North America.

Starting with the cutting-edge cannabis pollination nursery and being able to re-create any environment in the world with the exception of elevation, we are able to control the type of genetics we grow from the touch of a tablet.  Once we have the best seedlings we want to grow, can move them directly over to the two-tiered cultivation side which we are also able to control every inch of the environment.  Knowing we have the best seeds in the most controlled environment, we can grow and harvest our own high-grade cannabis to turn into the best concentrates in the world.

Being able to control every aspect of the cannabis plant from seedling to harvest allows LDS to cultivate, manufacture and distribute product at the lowest cost of any cannabis company in the market.  Backed with science we will continue to innovate technology in order to push the boundaries of what the cannabis plant can offer to medicine.    





LDS licenses technology to client partners like Core Isogenics to create pure, organic, unaltered isogenic (identical genes) seeds, which are mission critical to the client's goals and success.


LDS’ proprietary designs deliver an extremely efficient, technologically advanced cultivation environment which maximizes production output and minimizes expenses.


CSPA Group uses an advanced distillation process that provides exceptional purity in oil production for white labeling and vape cartridge operations, as well as for its hallmark product in the form of oral mucosal strips.


CSPA Group manufactures oral mucosal strip(similar to breath strips) pursuant to a license from LDS.


LDS Agrotech provides clients with a full spectrum of services, including assistance with real estate purchase(s), tenant improvements, equipment acquisition, municipal licensing procedures and cutting-edge cultivation techniques.




LDS has created a vertically integrated alliance to help partners produce superior quality products, which in turn help create multiple revenue streams. In conjunction with its California subsidiaries and strategic partners, LDS licenses technology and consults on all links of the supply chain – from organic unaltered genetics, to cultivation and harvest, to manufacturing, distribution, and sales.




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