Lifestyle Delivery appoints Pakulis president, director


2015-11-04 09:11 ET – News Release

Mr. Brad Eckenweiler reports


Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc.’s board of directors has appointed James Pakulis as the company’s president and director. Mr. Chiu has resigned his position as a director of the company. The company expresses its appreciation to Mr. Chiu and thanks him for his invaluable contributions over his tenure. The board of directors of the company currently consists of Herrick Lau, Brad Eckenweiler, James Pakulis and David Velisek.

Mr. Pakulis, president and director

Mr. Pakulis has three decades of experience working with public and private entrepreneurial companies in a variety of emerging and high-growth sectors including the cannabis industry. From 2010 to 2012, Mr. Pakulis was chairman and chief executive officer of General Cannabis Inc., which grew from zero to over $16-million in annual revenue in less than two years. Mr. Pakulis was responsible for all aspects of corporate management including strategy development and execution, operations, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, finance/accounting, legal, and human resources. Mr. Pakulis is a skilled leader, negotiator and consensus builder. Other industries in which Mr. Pakulis has been involved in include technology, housing, real estate, health care, mortgage services and financing. Mr. Pakulis is currently CEO and chairman of Wisdom Homes of America Inc.

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