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LDS’ proprietary (patent pending) oral mucosal strip includes specific and unique claims for the delivery of bio-actives. Extracts are encapsulated into defined nano-carriers (molecular chaperones) and then embedded into a colloid polymer thin film composition. This structure provides efficient delivery across buccal mucous membranes with improved therapeutic effect and fewer untoward or side effects, all at lower cost. This allows manufacturers licensed by LDS to significantly differentiate the Oral Film Strips technology from any other delivery method currently available. LDS also licenses its proprietary systems for cultivation and compliance to multiple entities.



Pure, organic, unaltered isogenic (identical genes) seeds are mission critical for success.  The pollenated seeds – Core Isogenics does not clone – are carefully planted in a scientifically-designed negative vacuum sealed room to prevent contamination or compromise.  The planted seed is carefully monitored from planting to the mature seedling stage. Mature seedlings are carefully transported to the adjacent fully equipped indoor grow facility operated by Core Isogenics .  After planting, each plant is constantly monitored, tested and individually fed to ensure natural perfection.  After flowering, the plants are harvested and processed. The processed material is transported to CSPA Group for use as raw material.  CSPA Group extracts oil from the processed material and manufactures LDS-licensed products. CSPA Group sells oil, resin, Oral Film Strips and other premium materials to manufacturers, packaging companies and distributors.



LDS’ cultivation licenseees use cutting edge automated cultivation technologies licensed from LDS to maximize the capacity and capability of each facility.  The systems licensed by LDS optimize production while reducing operating and labor costs.  The highest quality construction methods, materials and equipment are critical to those systems. Each facility is finished to food grade standards, mitigating and preventing common issues and problems that plague other cultivators in the industry. From custom specification HVAC to CO2 injection and UV air scrubbers, LDS systems require the finest machinery available in the marketplace today. Management has extensive history and experience as leaders in the cultivation consulting sector – including facility design, management, oversight and production.



LDS Agrotech provides clients with a full spectrum of exceptional services.  An example of those services includes facility identification, nursery/cultivation preparation, design and layout, equipment acquisition, installation and implementation. For select clients, LDS Agrotech also advises on the required permitting and licensing process.

With over 3 million sq. ft. of successfully completed facility build outs and tenant improvement designs, and a combined 15 years of nursery experience, LDS Agrotech is recognized as a leader in facility design, structure, implementation, and cultivation protocols.



LDS licensees regularly test all materials to ensure that all products are chemical free and of the highest quality. In addition to regular testing, each link in the supply chain is carefully monitored and controlled including sourcing quality and chemical free ingredients, product formulation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, marketing, and retail sales.

LDS has created one of the fastest ways to get material into the blood. With this patent pending delivery system technology, the consumer is able to get the effects using Oral Film Strips in 90 seconds or less.